Michał Kopeć

For 16 years in the beer and event industry. Over 2000 presentations. International Beer Judge Certification Program.  

Judge of the Polish Association of Home Brewers.

He cooperates with Horeca Business Club, Piwoznawcy, Kuźnia Dobrego Smaku and Studio Culinary Przystanek 11. 

She organizes beer events and tastings of world beers also in English and the Silesian dialect. 

It organizes regular workshops and tasting panels, e.g. in the Szynkarnia in Wrocław or the drunken multitap of Katowice. 

He has conducted trainings, events and thematic evenings for Polbruk, Circle K, Eurocash, HP, Microsoft, Alfa Romeo, Novotel, Marriott and Hard Rock Cafe. Home brewer. Birofil. 

Workshops leader: