I have lived and worked in Poland for over 20 years as a Native English Teacher - which I love. I have never been a foodie but imagine I will get better when I have more time (i.e retire - my parents cook amazing stuff now). I have two wonderful, and always hungry young sons and I try, and will try my best to get them into English delicacies as they grow. Will they like Marmite? Salt and vinegar crisps? Tea with milk? I really like Polish food and think that żurek is the most delicious soup in the world. Seriously, when I win the Lotto I will have a swimming pool full of the stuff, but I am not sure if I can swim and eat at the same time… 

Anyway, I can dream! I like squash, cycling, swimming (in water, not kisiel/żurek etc!), cats, cricket and travelling. I hate Polish winter, disco polo and Brexit. So that’s me 😊 I know some people who have been to courses at Przystanek 11 and they told me not to blow it and ruin the good reputation of the place with 'bland’ English cuisine. 

Fingers crossed!

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